Phishing Protection

What is Phishing?

A State Bank Group Banking LogoPhishing is a criminal activity where a malicious person(s) attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as online banking passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy organization or website. Phishing is usually done in the form of an email. Most of us have received phishing emails and have been trained to never click any links or follow their instructions.

Here is a sample phishing email. ( Source: )

Example of an email pretending to be from your bank

As our customer and a user of our online banking system, we want to share with you a simple tool you can use when logging into your online banking accounts that can guarantee you never enter your login credentials in an unauthorized website.

How to Stop Phishing with your Online Banking Login

You can begin using our anti-phishing tool the next time you log into the online banking system. Go to Preferences and click Security. There, you can create your own “Phishing Protection Phrase”. Once you enter that phrase and click “Submit My Phrase”, every time you log in you will see a box displaying that phrase hovering over the Login and Password fields. In order to log in, you will click on the box to close it.

How does this work?

The Phishing Protection Phrase will display every time you log in. This is your assurance that you are in fact on our website and not on a phishing site, and that when you enter your login credentials, you can have confidence that you are not compromising your security. If ever, after you set up your protection phrase, you do not see the box hovering over the login fields when you go to login, you should not log into the site and, instead, you should contact us.