Free Access to ATMs Nationwide

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For your convenience, First Secure State Banks is part of the MoneyPass® ATM Network! This network enables immediate access to your cash at convenient locations nationwide without paying a surcharge fee.

What is the MoneyPass Network? The MoneyPass ATM Network offers over 32,000 surcharge-free ATMs located throughout the United States that you can use fee-free.

What is an ATM Surcharge Fee? A surcharge fee is charged to cardholders by the owner of an ATM. Surcharge fees vary. You can now use your TSBG debit card at any MoneyPass ATM to avoid paying any surcharge fee. You will be charged a fee for using any ATM outside of the MoneyPass Network.

Where are MoneyPass ATMs located? Over 32,000 MoneyPass surcharge-free ATMs are located within the United States and Puerto Rico. Finding a surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATM is easy, visit MoneyPass to find a location near you.

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