Service Fees

Fee Schedule Fee
Account closed first 90 days <90 days / $30
Account Reconcilement $75 hr / 1 hr min
Account Research $75 hr / 1 hr min
ATM – Foreign Transaction Customer $2
ATM Replacement Card $10* / rush $40
Cash – Coin Processing – Non-Customer 5% / $5 min
Cashier’s Check Customer $6
Certified Check $50
Charge Back/Returned Item $15
Check Cashing for Non-Customer 3% / $5 min
Check - Printed temporary $2 per check
Check Copy $5
Check Printing, (Dependent upon check style ordered) Fee Varies
Collections (all types) $55
Verification of Deposit $13
Excessive Transaction Fee (Savings & Money Market Accounts)
(Withdrawals exceeding 6 per statement cycle are charged $1 per withdrawal, for all types of withdrawals)
$1 per item
Fax $1 per page / $5 min
Auction Bank Guaranty Letter $20
Inactive / Dormant Accounts
(Fee begins after 12 months with no account activity)  
$5 mo.
Insufficient Funds NSF Fee (returned)¹  or Overdraft Fee (paid)¹       $35  
IRA Transfer (outgoing) $30
Legal – Attachments/Levy/Citation/Subpoena, etc. $150
Night Deposit Bag and Keys $25 bag / $15 keys
Overdraft Protection (Savings-to-checking transfer)                                   $10
Personal Money Orders Customer $5
Photocopies $0.50 per page
Printed Statement Fee (printing and mailing)  $3
Return mail $5 per month
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $175
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key $35
Statement Fee (Copy/Current Print out/ Account History) $6
Stop Payment (Check or ACH) $35
Subordination Agreement $200
Wire Trace $80
Wire Transfer (Incoming Domestic)                                $13
Wire Transfer (Incoming International)   $35
Wire Transfer (Outgoing Domestic)      $40
Wire Transfer (Outgoing International)  $70

PLEASE NOTE: ¹Insufficient funds/overdraft/NSF charges may apply ($35) when there are insufficient or unavailable funds and the account becomes overdrawn. The overdraft fee will apply if the item is paid, while the NSF charge will apply if the item is returned.  The bank uses real-time processing, which means transactions are posted as the bank receives them. Multiple insufficient funds/overdraft fees may be imposed if at any time during the day, an account has insufficient funds, even though the final balance at the end of the day may be positive. The fee applies to insufficient funds or overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means.  You will not be charged for point-of-sale transactions or ATM transactions that result in your account becoming overdrawn. 

Effective Date 10.07.2020