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Want to see something really cool?

You can turn your debit card on or off anytime you like right from your smartphone. CardValet® lets you do this instantly. When it's off, no one can use your card. Turn it on when you are ready to use it. This capability gives you one of the easiest ways to safeguard your debit card from fraud.

And there is a lot more from CardValet®:

  • Alerts keep you aware of whats happening with your card and you're in charge. Set CardValet® to send you alerts based on transaction amount, location or merchant type, or to let you know if a transaction has been denied. Notifying you immediately of potential fraud so you can take action.
  • CardValet® is a great way to help control family spending too. You can decide where, when, and how they use their debit card. It's like setting an allowance so your kid can spend 6 bucks for lunch, but not 150 for a new pair of jeans.
  • Businesses can use these controls to manage and monitor employee spending. Set debit card limits for the type of merchants allowed, their location, and dollar amount.
  • CardValet® can also use your phones GPS to limit the range of where the card can be used. If the card is used where you are not, transactions will be declined.
  • CardValet® can be a handy way to keep track of your current account balances and to find ATMs. Get CardValet®, the mobile app that lets you control where, when and how your debit card is used, on the go.

Just download the app from the Apple® Apps Store or Google® Play. Then follow the simple, secure registration steps and you're ready to get started with Card Valet®. Turn your card on to use it. Turn it off when you're not.

Card Valet® Your Card, on Your Terms

How it Works

Download the App from Google® Play or the Apple® App Store

Download CardValet for Android Download CardValet for iOS

  • Sign up for alerts based on transaction amount, location, merchant type or transaction type 
  • Set limits for spending - great for parents or employers
  • Turn your debit and credit cards "off" if they're misplaced or stolen - right from your smartphone
  • And set other features

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